Story of a MOTHER

Who wants to know the alternatives of hormone's injected milk

Hands-free automatic COW milking machine

Thirty two year Susmita Chakraborty, the mother of five year old boy, was rather worried when she was asked to start feeding cow milk to her son. Her concern was the high level of adulteration.

So Susmita, COO of, settled for farm fresh milk, which is considered to be rich in the A2 protein that aids brain development.

“We all know that the milk we consume is produced from cows that are injected with hormones. I began looking around for wholesome alternatives and came across this company, which is into farm fresh milk. I decided to buy from them,” she said.

Susmita is not alone. Organic farm fresh milk, which is produced primarily from cows of indigenous breeds, seems to have caught the fancy of many, leading to the mushrooming of a number of ‘farm-to-home’ dairy start-ups.

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100% Organic Milk
<p>Organic milk comes from an organic dairy that is fed organic feed. These organically fed cows have strict guidelines for accessing outdoor grazing.</p>

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Fresh & Best Quality
<p>Organic cow milk is freshly chilled as quickly as possible in order to maintain the freshness as well as avoid bacterial growth.</p>

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Complete Family Food
<p>The revolution for pure organic milk in our place is done for the consumers who want pure milk for them and their family. We have a genuine breed of Gir cows</p>

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Natural Food for COW
<p>The pure milk delivered and supplied is automated hygienically. On a daily basis, fresh milk is supplied by preserving the cold chain management and</p>

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Automated MILKING
<p>You deserve fresh milk and the quality of which is maintained to even the last drop. Our organic dairy products are not only fresh but also pure and</p>

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MILK Preservation
<p>After the purification/pasteurization and Homogenization, it is being chilled, bundled in sealed shut cleaned jugs and sent on its approach to you in a procedure</p>

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How to keep MILK Nutrients intact

for Fresh Pure Premium Organic cow milk

Milk should not be boiled for over 3 minutes as it loses its nutrition through over boiling. One should avoid storing or microwaving milk in plastic containers as they are carcinogenic. Instead, always store milk in a clean vessel to avoid contamination.