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Dairy Farm & Animals: You are constantly welcome on our homestead where we pursue every single natural practice from developing feed yields to the creation of Milk. You can encounter a beneficial interaction between Organic nature and Modern innovation here and how it serves you. Our dairy animals get a Balanced and nutritious normal eating regimen according to necessity according to redid sustenance plan by a nutritionist. It comprises of Maize, Sorghum, Lucerne, Oats, horse feed, Pennisetum, greens, soya and grain Napier, and other quality oats, vegetables, fixings with refreshing of crisp occasional harvests and all yields developed by following natural practices.

Desi [Local] Gir Cows: We Keep our cows are fit and happy. Each bovine is exceptional for us thus treated like. They have bedding material, obscure green zones, unadulterated water for drinking and nibble in backwoods to benefit from wild grass and herbs. Due to the desi [local] breed, it’s impervious to ailment and tolerant to hot temperature and dampness. In light of such solid nature, they once in a while become sick and needn’t bother with anti-infection agents, so gives milk which is anti-toxin free. So these flawlessly sustained and spoiled glad bovines give creamier milk which tastes sweet and better.


“We need to be clear if we are making a pitch for desi [local] cows milk; if it is Desi  [Local] Cow, then there are buffalo, goat and cross-bred varieties capable of producing a good quantity of milk. Scalability is an issue as desi [local] cows suffer from poor productivity,” said Kuldeep Sharma, a dairy consultant.

“We need to have regulations as to what is organic milk and what is Desi [Local] Cow milk so that the consumer is clear. But unfortunately, the cow is a sensitive issue in our country. In the absence of any kind of regulatory labeling on this kind of product, you can actually end up confusing your consumers,” he said.


According to industry sources, while the demand for ‘organic farm fresh milk’ is still nascent in India, it is expected to witness ‘exponential growth’. Some of these start-ups are anchored by young professionals who have quit their jobs in MNCs and investment banks to tap the growth in the sector.

Most milk currently produced in India is from Jersey (English-French) and the Holstein Friesian (Dutch) breeds or from their cross-breeds with Indian cows or buffaloes. A majority of these cows are injected with hormone supplements or antibiotics for the enhancement of milk production.

On the other hand, organic milk is typically produced from indigenous breeds, which are fed on organically grown fodder.



These cows usually do not require hormone supplements or antibiotics as they are ‘native’ breeds and hence acclimatized to Indian conditions, said Raja Marthandan, founder of Shudh Farms in Thiruporur, Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu.

“I have always been passionate about animals and organic farming; so I thought of combining the two. Jersey cows can give desi local cow milk (proteins) but they may fall sick too often, requiring antibiotics, etc. So, I decided to stick to the native variety, focusing primarily on the production of pure farm-fresh milk,” said Raja, an MBA from XLRI.

Raja has around 50-odd cows producing about 200 liters of milk a day. He aims to scale this up to 500 liters by adding 50-60 more cows.


Gopal dairy has cows that are capable of yielding high-quality desi cow milk. There are breeds from Sahiwal, Punjab and Gir, Gujarat and Tharparkar, Rajasthan. As per the industry sources, a cow on an average produces 1,600-2,500 kg of milk on every lactation cycle. The milk that is produced at Gopal dairy is 100 % organic, is known for its good quality. There is a great demand for milk in the city and other parts of the country. The objective of A2 cow milk in Kolkata is to fulfill the market requirements.

The cows that produce the milk are taken care of with the highest of priority. The milk produced at Gopal dairy is unadulterated, fresh and hygienic. We at Gopal dairy use innovative methods to get the milk from the cow. In this context, it is relevant to add that the milking at Gopal dairy is automated. Besides milk production, we attach special significance to milk preservation.

After milking, we put the milk inside the milk-chiller and then chill it till 4-degree Celsius. We then preserve the milk in sealed and clean jugs so that it stays pure and unadulterated. For more information on this visit our website now.


Kolkata-based GOPAL Dairy Farm has a variety of cows capable of producing Desi [Local] Cow milk. The Desi [Local] Cow Milk helps the company charge a premium: the milk is priced at ₹150 a liter with delivery at your doorstep (as compared to an average price of ₹44 a liter for pouch milk) and comes with an ‘assured home delivery’ for 365 days.

We have many cows of all ages and we are not fussy about which breed, so long as they are capable of producing Desi [Local] Cow milk. Some of the native breeds capable of producing Desi [Local] Cow milk include the Sahiwal from Punjab, Gir from Gujarat, and Tharparkar from Rajasthan.

As referring to the method of cultivation in a soil-less, water-based medium we suggested feeding cows hydroponically-grown wheat-grass. Apart from growing their own cattle fodder, these types of companies also try to ensure that their milk is untouched, right up to packaging. This reduces the bacteria count and is a much healthier option, he added.

According to sources, the organic dairy market is currently around 1 percent of the total industry. However, with rising awareness around adulteration of milk and its associated health hazards, the segment is likely to witness robust growth in the coming years.

According to industry sources, desi [Local] cows produce around 1,600-2,500 kg of milk per lactation cycle, which is lower than the average yield of HF (Holstein Friesians) and Jersey pure-breds and cross-breeds, which is estimated to be close to 5,000 kg per cycle.

100% Organic Milk: Organic milk comes from an organic dairy that is fed organic feed. These organically fed cows have strict guidelines for accessing outdoor grazing. They feed on crops grown without the usage of any artificial pesticides. Organic milk is better when compared to conventional milk. Organic dairy milk is free from preservatives, oxytocin, hormones, and antibiotics. The cows under this section are milked hygienically and through automated milking. Following the above process, it is medically tested so to avoid any contingency. It is absolutely natural and does not have any added preservatives or formula. People are welcome on our organic farm.

Fresh & Best Quality: Organic cow milk is freshly chilled as quickly as possible in order to maintain the freshness as well as avoid bacterial growth. The milk produced in our farm is naturally produced so as to serve customers with the best quality milk untouched by adulteration. No type of growth hormone injections and antibiotics are added. As we feed our cow with natural green fodder and cattle feed, it remains free from any kind of chemicals and preservatives thereby providing the best quality and fresh organic milk. If you are not getting the freshness in your present provider, you can opt for our farm fresh organic cow milk. We never compromise with quality and service as our customers are our priority.

Complete Family Food: The revolution for pure organic milk in our place is done for the consumers who want pure milk for them and their families. We have a genuine breed of Gir cows on our farm. Our Organic milk has the consistency to become the whole of complete family food. Organic milk contains high-quality milk proteins which makes it easy to digest and colostrum as that of the pure quality milk. All family members beginning from the tiny to the elders can have the milk for health benefits. All products are medically tested before supplied thus individuals can have this in place of conventional milk.

Natural Food for COW: The pure milk delivered and supplied is automated hygienically. On a daily basis, fresh milk is supplied by preserving the cold chain management and supply at 4o C. Thus, at the end of the process what is delivered is fresh and natural milk untouched by the taint of adulteration. Its purity is well-maintained as nothing is removed from it and nothing is added so you can get the pure quality milk for your family. As our cows are given and taken care of with high priority, the health benefits insist on their positive maintenance. Get the automated milking and paramount quality organic milk from our farm.

Automated MILKING: You deserve fresh milk and the quality of which is maintained to even the last drop. Our organic dairy products are not only fresh but also pure and hygienic. This is the reason for which we have adopted the automated milking strategy. Prevention is better than cure and thus, avoiding bacteria and other unhygienic features are avoided from the core time of milking. All processes are given the significance and at the end before supplying, active medical tests are performed to ensure its hygiene and protection to even the last drop. We want our customers to remain absolutely healthy and protected.

MILK Preservation: After milking, we put it in milk chiller then chill it till 4-degree Celcius in sealed shut cleaned jugs and sent on its approach to you in a procedure that has no human contact. This guarantees we keep up 100% immaculateness just as keep the taste and surface of the milk unblemished. The milk is 100% unadulterated and free of additives. The milk is delivered properly fresh and chilled to the doorsteps of the families every morning. All products are maintained with perfect purity and quality for the benefits of consumers. The taste, as well as the structure of the milk, is maintained all over.